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 I have several types/sizes of sketchbooks including iPhone and iPad drawing apps going at all times. Some sample pages are shown below.
"The iPad's backlight lets you paint at any time of day, the app's color wheel provides every pigment, and its very nature renders set-up and clean-up obsolete." - David Hockney 
These small digital paintings were drawn with my finger on an iPhone. The Brushes app turns a phone into a very portable digital sketch pad. Brushes for iPad is an even more robust program. m
Moonlight, 2010, iPhone sketch
Red Vase, 2010, iPhone sketch
Carla's Flowers, 2010, iPhone sketch
10.18.2009 The Arno, Florence, Tombo Brush Pens
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Sketches Of Florence
02.20.2010 The sun dropped below a cloud bank backlighting the cityscape as I sketched this view from the sidewalk on the upper deck of the Eads Bridge. I could hear the Metrolink trains crossing the bridge on the rail deck below. I saw a couple of barges on the river pass through the stone piers that hold the whole thing up. The legs of the Arch cast fierce shadows across the Mississippi and the temperature climbed up to a welcome 50 degreees. My fingers did get cold though and after about an hour and a half I called it a day.   

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St. Louis riverfront, Pilot Precise V7 Fine pen, watercolor
02.07.2010 Grand Basin, Forest Park, watercolor on Moleskine
Florence, Italy
10.21.2009 Bargello The challenge: capture painted frescos on a groin vaulted ceiling in a15-20 minute sketch. 10.21.2009 I did use photo reference for this one but I liked the image of the colorful umbrellas passing by the Duomo steps.
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10.22.2009 La Macchina Italian cars are so compact and sleek that they can be parked in the smallest of spaces. All sketches Tombo Brush Pens
11.18.2009 11.19.2009 11.20.2009
Citygarden sculptures -  Keith Haring Aristede Maillol  Mimmo Paladino                  Tombo Brush Pens
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